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Santa will be returning soon!

We are so excited to be offering our Santa experience sessions again this year. Yes things will be ran a little different due to Covid but we will do our part to make this a fun yet safe experience.

We will be taking temperature checks upon entering the studio. We will be limiting sessions so we have time to clean props and other areas before the next clients arrive. We will have clients wait in their vehicles until it is there turn to limit the number of people in our studio along with limiting the number of guest that come along to watch the fun. (the last part makes me sad because it has been such a fun adventure for the grandparents to come along and watch the excitement)

We will ask anyone coming along to watch to wear their mask. We will also not be offering the pjs to wear this year due to covid, therefore we ask you bring your children in their own pjs or Christmas outfits. The last thing we are forced to change is the milk and cookies with Santa. If you would like to bring your own cookies and a cute mug or glass for your child we can still offer this special time with Santa. Otherwise we will have plenty of other activities to do with Santa. Don't forget, we book these sessions early so we can get the prints and digital files back to you before the holidays.

We are also excited to be offering another set design to choose from. This is our new living room set. Our one hour experience sessions will get all three sets (unless our clients prefer to use just two sets) and our 20 minute sessions can choose one of the three sets for their session. We also offer a petite session that is 15 minutes without a live Santa. Those sessions need to be booked directly with the studio. Our experience sessions can be booked right from our webpage. (Please note: the Santa in the image below is our digital Santa that is added in photoshop for our petite sessions) Our experience sessions have a live Santa. Santa John has been with us ever since we started so your children will not be confused since he is the real deal!!!! He truly is a fantastic Santa with all ages of children. He even works really well with children with disabilities.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have. You may call me at 612-756-4685 or email me at

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