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Santa Experience Sessions

We are in full swing with our Santa Sessions. This year we have three options to choose from.

A 10 minute session, a 20 minute session and a 60 minute session. I have also decided to bring out bed set back with a new set design. It is going to be truly magical!

Here is Santa's Den. I love the Old Fashion Christmas feel is has.

I am loving our vintage looking Nice list this year. The children get so excited when they see their name on the list. Of course Santa tells them that just because their name is on their now,

it can magically transfer to the naughty list if they aren't at their best behavior!

Santa's Toy Shop is always a big hit as the children help Santa paint and build toys.

I just purchased this horse which was the perfect touch to my Old Fashion Christmas sets.

I am loving our new bed set. Imagine your little ones fast asleep or sitting up in bed pointing at Santa flying away. It would make the perfect ending to your storybook album. Creating custom stories with your children's names is one of my favorite parts and the excitement the children have as they get to bring this heirloom out every year and reminisce of their time with Santa!

There are still sessions available and we may possibly add one more day depending on how it goes this week. No promises though so if you think you want to do it, I would sign up NOW! All appointments can be made online at If you have any questions you may email me at or call 612-756-4685.

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